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“Experiment Mastermind and Pentagram-Eyed Pupil”
Written by Dustin Schuyler Lewit

It was a blue clouds and white sky kind of world. Experiment Mastermind was busy trying to decipher the meaning of life when in walks Pentagram-Eyed Pupil to convolute everything.

“I am trying to be the mastermind behind cracking the code of existence. Be quick and then leave, please.” said Experiment Mastermind to Pentagram-Eyed Pupil.

“The clouds and sky have changed color roles. The clouds are blue…” started Pentagram-Eyed Pupil.

“And let me guess. The sky is white?” said, then asked, Experiment Mastermind.

“Precisely.” said Pentagram-Eyed Pupil.

“How?” asked Pentagram-Eyed Pupil.

“I used an evil spell towards the sky that caused convention to die.” said Experiment Mastermind.

Pentagram-Eyed Pupil took a spoon and put both of his eyes out with said spoon and handed the spooned out eyes to Experiment Mastermind.

“You are the one whom shall be Pentagram-Eyed, you evil crazy man.” said the eyeless Pentagram-Eyed Pupil.

Blood poured from Pupil’s sockets and soon Pentagram-Eyed Pupil was gone, done for dead.

Experiment Mastermind did not bury the corpse, but rather performed what I like to call Electric Motherboard Surgery. Electronic Motherboard Surgery consisted of etherizing the corpse just to make sure it doesn’t reanimate into something wicked during surgery itself. Then, electronic cameras were put into the empty eye sockets where Pentagrams once resided. The Motherboard was implanted into the nucleus of the brain cavity. The power generator was turned on and the once formerly dead Pentagram-Eyed Pupil served as an Electric Servant to the Experiment Mastermind.

“What can I get you, good sir?” asked the monotone Electric Servant, once known as Pentagram-Eyed Pupil.

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