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Kansas and Kelly Edmonds

For Haven's sake

By Allyson Stanley Copyright 2013

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For Haven's sake

A 100$ worth of trouble

Mr. Untouchable

Dead and still calling

A night on the town

Down and Dirty

Dust bunnies and spider webs

The invisible Oliver Sanchez

Sleeping beauty

Another day, another dollar

All things gross

Swallowed up

A change of color

Slippery outcome

Getting under my skin

School house rock

Ankle deep

For Haven's sake!

It had been the talk of the entire world, prisoners without prisons. The concept itself made people shake their heads in dismay. Everyone stared intently at the TV as a time clock in the upper right corner ticked off the minutes. The whole world had been waiting for this day. The promise of no more incarceration, no more rapes, no stealing, nothing illegal to fear ever again.

Staring at the bronze clock hanging on the sage green wall, she rolled her eyes upwards. It was already past time for the presentation to start. Suddenly the screen went blank and was replaced by a chubby, bald headed man in a lab coat.

"I am Oliver Sanchez, a neuroscientist. Welcome to New Beginnings, the new dream of hope realized. Where your children can play in the playground without fear, they can go to school without wondering if they will come home. Imagine a world where crime is reduced to only five percent or less. I'm going to try to break it down in layman’s terms. As you all know, the brain is a machine much like a computer. It functions by each part being connected to the other part. If one part isn't connected correctly, it simply malfunctions. Through years of testing, we have discovered a way to completely control the actions of criminals. It is the mind that has controlled them in the past, however, now we can do the same thing. Think about it, no more prisons, no high price to keep them running. This in itself could save the nation over sixty three billion dollars a year. That money could be used in a much more constructive way. I'm sure the elderly wouldn't mind a cost of living increase in social security! The criminals would be able to become a productive part of society and live in their own homes. They will each have a job assigned by the government. The changeover will begin in a week. We will start the process with the lowest level criminals for a trial run. Be assured that these people will be constantly monitored. This will continue until we know that the program is up and running at full capacity. The cost to each prisoner will be five thousand dollars. Each prisoner will be responsible for paying for this service by monthly payment. They will also be required once a month to visit their local clinic for a checkup. Ladies and gentlemen, let me first assure you that you are safe. I understand your fears, and I am here to explain exactly how the New Beginnings program works. The eye is the door to the soul in a manner of speaking. By inserting a small chip into Occipital Lobe of the brain, which is located right above the cerebellum, we can see what a criminal sees as well as control how he responds to what he sees. Let me give you an example, suppose you see an attractive person. Your serotonin drops as your cortisol increases, which makes your brain pump out dopamines, which produces norepinephrine.

Basically, all of the hormones that make you anxious and energetic are high, and the ones that keep you stable is low. The chip is powered by the body's own electricity. There is no need for outside intervention once in place. The procedure only takes about twenty minutes, it's painless and humane. A needle containing the chip is inserted into the Occipital lobe. This gives off a signal which is received at the monitoring station. Everything the patient sees is also seen by the monitor. Not only does this chip show what the patient sees, it also monitors the body temperature, pulse and blood pressure. If a criminal’s body function and sight show any signs of illegal activity, their Dorsal pathway is blocked and they are incapable of visual motor skills. Basically, they might as well be blind. Then, at this point, the GPS in the chip will be activated and they will be retrieved by the authorities.

I am sure you are wondering about the mentally insane. Naturally, this isn’t an option for them. A special facility is being prepared for them. It is a state of the arts institution. There will be no bars to limit them from wandering around. The only bars will be in the lunch room and the medical facility to protect the employee’s. Cameras will be placed in all hallways and should a disturbance occur, they will be disabled by an electrical shock. Electrical plates are embedded in the floors and powered by radiation from the sun. The shock will not kill them, but will render them unconscious. The facility will be located on a small island. Surrounding it will be a mote which has sensors that detect the displacement of water. Should someone make it that far, their body weight will displace the water and a fan will turn on. The fan will make a funnel type suction which will last for thirty seconds. Then the violator will be given a warning to return to the compound. If the subject swims back to the compound they will be fine. However, should they try to cross in the wrong direction, the suction will begin again. Thus pulling them to their death. The only drawback is if a couple decides they want to be intimate, they must schedule a time for it. A limit of one hour is all that will be allowed for such activities. Though the monitor will be disabled for that hour, the GPS in the chip will still be active. I hope I have answered all your questions to your satisfaction. Thank you and goodnight!”

A hundred dollars worth of trouble!

Kelly flipped off the T.V. and headed out. It was time for a new wardrobe and she knew just where to go. The local thrift store was dirt cheap and since money was tight, it was the perfect place to shop. Her motto was, if I can bleach it, I’m good!

The store was buzzing, strolling through the jeans she was amazed to find some with the tags still on them. Holding her breath, she checked the size. “Perfect,” she whispered as though someone was going to grab them from her hand. Traipsing on she fumbled through the shirts, Soon she had several new items and a purse to boot!

Arriving back at her trailer she tossed the clothes in to wash. Shaking out the wrinkled clothes, she tossed them in the dryer. All and all it had been a good day, hopefully work would be a breeze also. The patrons at the college library had been sparse the past week. This made for some long shifts.

Buzzzzz screamed the dryer. Kelly began to retrieve her clothes and hang them up. As she shook the jeans in her hand, something hit the floor. Looking down Kelly saw a hundred dollar bill. Picking it up, she kissed it. “My my what a blessed day, ” she proclaimed. Unfolding the bill she found a shopper's reward card. “Well, it was nice while it lasted,” she said with a sigh. Her conscious wasn’t about to let her keep it now. Dressing for work she left to find the owner.

The shoppers reward card was a nationally known store incentive program. Kelly dashed inside and approached the service desk.

“Hi, what can I do for you?” asked the sales associate.

“I found this card in some clothes I bought, along with it, I found this,” she replied as she plopped the hundred dollar bill on the counter. “I need to return it to its rightful owner.”

“You're more honest than I would be! Let me see if I can help you,” replied the sales associate. She scanned the card and smiled, “ The card belongs to Katelynn Deford. Her phone number is 236-555-1421. I sure hope she appreciates all the trouble you're going through for her!” declared the sales person.

“I’m sure she will, who wants to lose money? Thank you for all your help.”

Seating herself in her car, Kelly dialed the number. A deep voice answered the phone, “Deford residence.”

“Hi, my name is Kelly Edmonds and I am looking for Katelynn. I have something of hers I’d like to return.”

“Miss, whatever you have of hers, she no longer needs. Just keep it, the dead have no needs. Have a great day and goodbye!”

Before Kelly could protest, the phone went dead. Kelly took a deep breath and headed off to work. It was another long shift. Boring wasn’t even the word for it. Kelly closed up the library and headed home and straight to bed.

Like so many nights before, Kelly battled the bed covers, tossing about. She clutched her head in her hands. The dream seemed to continue even though she was awake, or was she? Had she experienced a dream or a vision? It kept playing in her head. A woman in the morgue with her hands dangling from beneath the covers. Her wrists slashed with palms partially opened. In her left hand was a hundred dollar bill. In her right hand was a picture of a little girl.

“What in the world made me dream such an awful dream?” she asked herself as she rose from bed. Glaring at the clock it read 3 A.M. She had only been asleep for a few hours. Grabbing a glass of milk she returned to bed. Flopping from side to side, she kept and eye on the clock. Hour after hour passed, but sleep would not come. Frustrated, she got up and settled in front of her computer. Who was Katelynn Anadon? Typing in that question a multitude of articles filled the screen. Katelynn was the wife of a college professor who was well known, not only for his work but his off the wall idea’s. He had his owe church called Man verses God. His teachings on Man being the only force in the universe had many opponents. One being Katelynn. She was very outspoken against his teachings. There were many incidents where Katelynn had called the police for domestic abuse. Nothing ever became of them, however. Katelynn would always withdraw the complaint. The obituary was sad. There were only three survivors left. Her husband Anadon Deford, her daughter Haven Deford and one sister Delilah Shargio.

The Georgia humidity was earning its reputation today. Sweat poured down Kansas’ face as he dug deep into the Georgia clay. The amber clay sticking to his shovel and hanging on for dear life. Cursing softly, Kansas pounded the shovel against the ground. Reaching back to grab a Holly Bush, it appeared in mid air at Kansas’ side. “Nopie?”

“At your service, did you miss me big boy?” he said teasing.

“I still say you are one sick puppy. So what brings you here? For goodness sake, make yourself visible! I Don't like talking to thin air!”

“Ok, sorry. Caroline sent me. She wanted you and Kelly to know that the mother did not commit suicide. Katelynn, the mother, wants to get Haven, her daughter, away from her father Anadon. He is cruel, greedy, self centered and a religious freak. She is afraid he will turn on Haven like he did her. Her husband pushed her down a flight of stairs and almost broke her back. That is why she was on the pain medication. He was always threatening to take Haven from her. It was a constant battle. Katelynn was planning to take Haven away, but she died.”

The sound of Kelly clearing her throat interrupted the conversation. With arms opened wide, she smiled. “What? I don't get a hug from my favorite little weirdo pal?”

“So what brings you here Nopie?” asked Kelly.

“Caroline just wanted me to let you know that Katelynn did not commit suicide. She wants you to help get her daughter Haven away from her father. He’s a real wack job!” replied Nopie.

Dusting himself off, Kansas stood and wiped the sweat from his sunburnt face. “I don't see how we can do that, were not her family. I don't see any judge giving us the time of day on this one.”

“Maybe we could visit the child. I want to give the money I found to her anyways. Surely Anadon isn’t such a jerk that he won’t let her have something that belong to her mother.” Kelly said.

Nopie, do you know how to use a shovel and plant shrubs?” asked Kansas.

Nopie held up his hands, palms outward, “Do you see any callouses on these babies? I am a very delicate creature in case you haven’t noticed!”

Kansas tossed the shovel down and headed toward the house. “I’m not going anywhere smelling like a pig! I’ll shower then we can head out.”

“Come on in Nopie. While we are gone you can stay here. So tell me, what happened? I figured when you got back to heaven you would have done enough good to make the scales tilt in your favor.”

“It did, but I knew if I wanted to help folks like you and Kansas, I needed to stay a N.O.P.I.E. I can always go in as long as I don't mess up. But I enjoyed helping you on the last mystery.

“You know if you want, you can walk over to Mom and Dads and visit them. I’m sure they would love to see you,” replied Kelly.

Kansas emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel. He smiled, “Now that is better!”

Giggling, Nopie winked at Kansas. “Yeah, now you smell like peaches and cream. I really do like peaches and cream!”

“You are one sick puppy, you know that, right?” asked Kansas.

“I’ll go out to the truck and get you some clothes. Do you still have that extra set you keep behind the seat,” asked Kelly?

Kansas nodded yes as he returned to the bathroom to wait for his clothes.

Mr. Untouchable

The church of “ God verses Man” was little more than a chicken house surrounded by barbed wire. Its perimeter was patrolled by men and women dressed in jeans and tee shirts with holstered guns at their side.

Kelly eased out of the truck to be met with a man and woman blocking the gate to the entrance.

“May we help you?” asked the woman.

“Hi, my name is Kelly and I have something for Haven that belonged to her mother. I’d like to give it to her if that is ok?

The woman made a gesture for the man to leave them alone. “We're not supposed to let anyone in, but I think that Haven would like something that her mother had. I’ll bring the child here, you can give it to her and be on your way.”

Kelly nodded agreement and waited. Turning her back so no one could see her, she whispered, Katelynn if you are here, go stay with your child when she comes out!”

Kelly felt the money in her pocket move. She smiled, Katelynn had just attached herself to the money and the rewards card. Even if Katelynn didn’t realize her abilities yet, she would do all she could to protect Haven until they could find a way to free her.

Approaching Kelly was a child of four. Her pale skin, curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes captured Kellys heart. Kelly squatted down and ran her fingers over the child's face. “You look like an angel that has fallen from the sky. Haven,. I wanted to give you this, I found it in a pair of jeans that was your Moms.”

Two blue eyes stared up into Kellys and a smile covered the child's face. “Thank you, ma'am.”

“You are welcome. Take good care of this. Do you have a purse?”

“No, ma'am.”

Kelly began to empty her purse on the ground. Handing it to the child she smiled. “Now you have your own purse, just like a big girl”

Haven giggled as she shoved the money and the card inside the purse. The female guard smiled at Kelly and then tugged on Havens arm.

“We’ve got to go now, tell the nice lady goodbye”

“Bye, bye!”

Kelly gathered her things from the ground and headed back to the truck. Kansas didn’t have to ask. The tears that Kelly was suppressing won the battle. A single tear eased past the corner of her eye.

Officer Glass grinned as Kelly and Kansas entered his office. His desk chair squeaked as he leant back with his hands laced behind his head. “Let me guess, another murder mystery?”

Kelly and Kansas seated themselves. Scratching her head, Kelly smiled. “Not exactly. It’s not the dead that is seeking help for herself. She needs help for her daughter. She is alive and living with her demented father. Can you see what you have on AnaDon Deford?”

Officer Glass sat upright in his seat and glared at Kelly. “That is one guy you need to stay clear of. He is so intelligent he is an idiot! He stays just this side of the law. They say he has several Degree’s in law, and he is also a computer genius. They say he runs his group like a cult. His main goal is to stir the people up against God. He calls himself a servant of the people and his people worship him like he is a God.”

Kansas cleared his throat, “Do you have any idea of a way to get to him? There has to be some way to get his attention. A child doesn’t need to be in a situation like that.”

“Does the child have family members outside of her father?” inquired Officer Glass.

“She has an aunt on her mother's side of the family. Perhaps she knows something that might help us. We’ll get back to you as soon as we talk to her sister and see what we can find out. If you come up with any ideas, let us know,” said Kansas as he stood up to leave.

“You two watch yourselves, he is Dangerous. Let me know what you find out, by the way Kansas, I love that peaches and cream scent,” Officer Glass said with a smile.

Kansas giggled and stuck his chest out. “Right manly, wouldn’t you say?”

Officer Glass grinned and patted him on the back as he and Kelly exited his office.

Mile after mile of dirt road trailed behind them. Finally, the place was in sight. High up on a hill was what appeared to be a huge barn. No house was in sight, only a pasture filled with cattle and goats. They ascended upward till the road came to a dead end beside the barn. In the distance was a woman of small statue, she was feeding a group of chickens. Hearing Kansas and Kelly slam the truck doors, she headed towards them.

Her blonde hair was pulled up in a pony tail and her huge brown eyes peered from beneath a straw hat. “Can I help you?” she asked.

Kansas was silent as he stared at the lovely young lady. Kelly poked him in the ribs. He gasped as he blushed a bit. Extending his hand, Kansas spoke.

“Hi, I’m Kansas and this is my sister Kelly. We’d like to ask you a few questions about your sister. Is that alright?”

“My sister is dead. What questions could you have about her?”

“We’re trying to see if there is a way to get Haven from her father. From what we have been told, he is dangerous and she doesn’t need to be in his care.”

“Come, let’s sit down and have some ice tea,” she replied as she headed towards the barn. A few steps into the barn was a door to the right, she entered with Kansas and Kelly close behind. Inside was a small apartment. Everything inside was rustic and looked hand made.

“I am Delilah, please take a seat and I’ll get us some tea.”

Kansas ran his hand over the wooden arms of the couch. “I like how you have furnished your home.”

As Delilah placed the drinks on the oak table she smiled. “I don't like going into debt, so I make good use of what the land has to offer. How can I help you?”

“How much do you know about your ex brother in law?” inquired Kelly.

“I know he was cruel to Katelynn, physically and mentally. He would tell her that she was a leech and married him for his money. He would make her feel guilty if she ate, so she would hide to eat. He never really had much to do with Haven. He was always gone and when he was home, he kept to himself. He never took Katelynn and Haven anywhere and pretty much tried to hide their existence. He would remove anything from the car that made him look like a married man or a father. It was always about his wants and needs. Katelynn would buy hers and Haven’s clothes at second hand stores mostly. Anadon demanded his clothing be bought at the high end retailers. He loved to get drunk and tell Katelynn that she was going to hell. That her God was a loser and she should worship him. He is a really messed up person. After Katelynn died, I tried to get Haven, but with his money and lying tongue, he persuaded the courts that he was fit to care for her. Now he won’t even let me see Haven.

“Is there anything that could cause him to look bad to the courts? Could he be deemed as mentally insane?” asked Kansas.

“He is good at covering his trail. Very few people have ever seen the real side of him. His enemies could if they were alive to do so. The only person who would know is Haven and she is kept away from everyone but a select few. That place he calls his “Church” is like a fortress. He has armed guards there. Someone is always with Haven. I do recall a rumor that Nigel, his former colleague, accidentally recorded a conversation on his cell phone. Apparently he tucked his hands in his coat pocket and activated his phone by accident. The recording was an argument between Anadon and Katelynn. She came into the office unaware that he had a guest. He exploded on her. Within a month, Nigel was found dead from an overdose of sleeping pills. Mysteriously, his phone was never found by his wife.”

“How did you and Anadon get along?” asked Kelly.

“We didn’t, he use to call me Delilah the trader. Comparing me to Delilah in the Bible, he said I was poisoning Katelynn against him.”

Kansas rose from his seat, once again, he extended his hand and Delilah took it. What seemed as a lifetime passed before Kansas let go.

“Thank you for taking time to talk with us. This place is so peaceful.”

“Thank you for the compliment, if you hear anything let me know. I have plenty of room for a sweet girl to come live with me,” Delilah replied.

“One last question, do you know Nigel’s wife's name?” questioned Kelly.

“Bernice Friends, she has moved somewhere in Michigan. Kansas, Do you like to ride horses?”

Kansas looked dumbfounded for a Moment. “I sure do, why?”

“Come back over one day and we’ll go riding. There is a beautiful creek about half a mile down the road. Great big oak tree’s with lots of birds in them.”

“That sounds wonderful! You have a wonderful day young lady.”

Putting the farewells behind them, Kansas and Kelly left.

. A smile covered Kelly’s face, then she sniffed the air.

“Yep, that is what I smell!”

“What do you smell?” asked Kansas.

“Male hormones and oh how they are moaning!” she said with a laugh.

Kansas grinned and was silent. The grin lasted all the way back to town.

“Wally is ready for dinner, let’s stop up ahead and grab something to go. I want to get home and see if I can find Bernice Friend’s phone number,” Kelly declared.

“You and that tape worm, you better hope we never have a famine!” responded Kansas.

Dead and still calling

Kelly signed a long drawn out breath and leaned back in her computer chair. “I can’t believe this, there are no Bernice Friends in the white pages. There is a lot of Friends listed, but not a Bernice. I guess we're going to have to call them all and hope they know her.

“I’ll take this half of the list and Kansas you can start on the other half. I’ll print these out and you can go to the bedroom so you can hear.”

One phone call after another led to a dead end. Kansas came bouncing out of the bedroom with phone in hand.

“I found her ex-sister-in-law. She said Bernice moved back to Michigan, that’s where her family is.”

“Did you get Bernices maiden name? If she isn’t listed in the phone book there, we’ll have to find her by her maiden name.”

“Oops, I didn’t think to ask,” replied Kansas.

“I declare, since you met Delilah, your head's been in a fog. Call the lady back and see if you can get a name please.”

“Hi, we just spoke a Moment ago, I’m Kansas Edmonds. I forgot to ask what Bernices maiden name was. Yes, I have it, and I will let you know if I find her, thank you. Her maiden name is Padget,” Kansas announced.

Kelly rotated her chair and began searching online. There were only a few Padgets’ in Michigan. She tried one after another to no avail. One last number was left. Closing her eyes, she softly prayed beneath her breath. Three rings down and nothing. Finally, on the fourth ring she heard a soft frail voice. “Hello?”

“Mrs. Padget, my name is Kelly Edmondss. I am trying to locate Bernice Friends, would you happen to know her?”

“Know her? Of course I do, she is my baby sister. Hold on and I’ll get her on the phone.”

Hello? This is Bernice.”

“Bernice, this is Kelly Edmondss from Georgia. I was wondering if I might ask you a few questions about your husband?”

“I suppose so, what do you want to know?”

“Did he ever mention to you about recording an argument between Katelynn and Anadon? It would have been on his cell phone.”

“No, I’m sorry, but he never really talked about work. But since you mentioned it, I never did find his cell phone. I looked for about a month. I finally gave up and called the phone company and had them turn his service off.”

“I understand. When did your husband pass away?”

“June 14th, 2012. It’s been a little over a year ago. I miss him something awful. I’m just thankful I had a family to go to.”

“I am sure it is hard to loose someone you love. Do you remember what company you had your phone service with?”

“It was FPS cell services. They were out of Atlanta. Why are you asking about my husband? I still don't believe he committed suicide.”

“We are checking into a friend's death. Your husband worked for her husband. You wouldn’t happen to have your last phone bill, would you?”

“I am sure I do, I keep everything for a few years. Would you like me to email it to you?”

“That would be wonderful. My email address is Thank you Ma’am. I hope you have a wonderful day.”

“You too, I’ll send it in a few minutes, goodbye for now.”

“While we wait, let’s grab a snack and watch the news. Wally is empty again,” teased Kelly.

Once again the buzz was all about New Beginnings. Oliver Sanchez filled the screen with a crowd of spectators around him.

“Today we begin our first step of realizing a new start for society. We have released one hundred inmates who have completed their process. They are being monitored even as we speak. We will not release their names as it hinders the process. Just know that you are safe and nothing will happen to you or your loved ones.”

“That is just creepy! I’d feel better if they left things alone. I don't really care for change. What’s wrong with the way it’s always been done?” questioned Kansas.

“Let’s see how this works out before we judge it. If they get all the bugs worked out of it, it could be good, especially for those who were wrongly convicted” replied Kelly.

The email arrived and Kelly printed it out. Looking over it, she shouted, “Check this out, there are phone calls on here after June the 14th. Actually, there are several made on the 16th. How can that be if Nigel died on the 14th?”

“Call the number and see who answers,” replied Kansas.

The voice on the other end sounded a bit muffled as he mumbled, “Dusty here.”

“Dusty who?” asked Kelly ever so sweetly.

“Hello sweet thing, this is Dusty Dawn. Who am I speaking with?”

My name is Kelly, are you kidding me about your name? I mean, it sounds a bit like an old country song.”

“Yeah, I know, my Mom had a thing for that old song. She also had a warped sense of humor. So Kelly what can I help you with?”

“I was wondering if you knew a fellow named Nigel Friends?”

“Can’t say I do, why do you ask?”

“He called you twice two days after he died.”

“Man that guy was talented to do that! Sorry, but I have never heard of him. Perhaps someone found his phone and called me by mistake. You know how easy it is to dial the wrong number and then redial by mistake. I’ve done it a million times. Hey, you sound like you might be a country gal, want to meet me over at the “Bottom of the barrel bar tonight. We can have a few drinks and do a little dancing to some good country music.”

Thanks for the invite, but I have things to do tonight. It was nice talking to you Dusty, sorry for the inconvenience.

“No problem. If you change your mind, I’m at the bar a couple nights a week. Bye for now.”

Shrugging, Kelly bit her lower lip, “ Well, that didn’t seem to get me too far. He just wanted me to meet him at a bar and go dancing.”

You should have taken him up on his offer. Just because he said he didn’t know Nigel, doesn’t mean that it was the truth. What’s wrong with you? You are normally more in tune to what is going on. Are you not feeling well?” asked Kansas.

“Yes, I’m just wondering how Katelynn really died.”

A night on the town.

Kelly had been in the bathroom for over an hour. Kansas sat on the sofa waiting to see what was going on. As the door opened, Kansas exhaled loudly. Kelly was wearing skin tight blue jeans, a low cut top and she had taken time to put on makeup.

“I decided to go see Dusty tonight. As you said, he may or may not be for real. So what do you think big brother?”

Kansas smiled, “I think you are going to make his head spin. Should I go and keep an eye on things?”

“No, tonight is just going to be a get to know him better. Why don't you go and visit Delilah while I am gone. She might remember something if she is relaxing,” Kelly said with a grin.

“Hmm, that might be a good idea. Ok, let’s meet back here around midnight. Be careful and if you need me call me.”

The bar was filled with country music, glaring from each corner of the room. Neon advertisements flashed across the wall behind the bartender. Kelly eased up to the bar and sat down. She began looking for what she thought might be Dusty.

“What would you like to drink Missy,” asked the bartender.

Kelly looked him over, he looked too young to be tending bar. Apparently he was shoved away from the table also. He was skin and bones.

“Can I get a soda, I’m not here to drink. I’m looking for someone named Dusty Dawn.”

The bartender handed her a soda and then pointed to a chubby man sitting in a corner booth. Smoke billowed up from his lips as he sucked on his cigarette. His front teeth were missing and his hair was receding. Kelly swayed her way over to the table.

“Hi Dusty, I’m Kelly, the one who called you earlier today. I thought I’d come by and see what attracted you to this bar so many times a week.”

“Dusty smiled confidently, “Take a seat Kelly. Here in a few minutes the guest band will be coming on stage. Then you will see why I like it here so well. They always have the best music in town.”

“So what kind of work do you do Dusty”

“I work for a body shop, I also do volunteer work at the local feed the hungry center. You might say I am giving back to those who helped me. How about yourself?”

“I’m studying to be a journalist. That is why I asked you about Nigel Friends. I want to do a story on his death.”

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